Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do we really need new taxes?

One of the first things I remember being told by almost everyone when I decided to migrate to Canada was, their taxes are very high. It didnt really strike home until I came to Canada and started seeing the GST/PST line at foot of every bill.

So this is a sincere post to every reader, regardless of Political affiliation. Do we really need more taxes? As Canadians we work for the first 6 months of the year, or half the year simply paying our taxes to every level of the Government. Now just when we are past the tax holiday, Stephan Dion annouced that the liberals if elected would repeal the 2% GST and institute the Carbon tax.

Leaving all Political considerations aside, is there no other way for a Greener Earth than, taking the few dollars left over? At a time when economies all over the world are hurting and our simple Groceries are up more than 3%, do we need to add an additional 4% to 5%?

Let me know, I know, my weekly grocery bill from the $60-$70 is now way above $100, isnt yours too? Maybe the answer to these problems have to come from the Scholars and not the Politicians?

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