Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A tale of two Olympics

It almost feels like months or a very long time since the golden boy of Canadian hockey, Sid the Kid, scored the golden goal. Even the organizers in their wildest dreams would not have dreamed of scripting an end as such. The games ended on a high and Canada truly ruled the world. CTV, well it could not have enough of the atheletes and even dedicated countless boring minutes to felicitating the medal winners in their studio (albeit, if only they could hold on to them in their studio and keep them from rushing to the pending final hockey game).

Well that was then, wild coverage. So, where exactly did they lose the script. Whatever happened to the Paralympics games coverage? Did it not have an opening ceremony? It had, a beautiful one, but then that not a big revenue earner for any television network. Sadly there was no telecast of that event.

Its never too late and now CTV has promised to telecast the closing ceremonies live. Now thats what I call true equality. If blaming the television networks is easy then test yourself, will you sit and watch or Hockey or a late sunday evening movie will be the preference?

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