Wednesday, July 14, 2010

McGuinty loves taxes - sneaks them in

You may not have heard about this latest assault on your wallet because while you were enjoying Canada Day festivities with friends and family, Dalton McGuinty used that opportunity to sneak in his punishing eco-tax. The so-called eco-fees are a new tax on over 10,000 household products, including prescription medications, bath toys, sunblock, laundry detergent – even smoke alarms! Dalton McGuinty and Stewardship Ontario, the secretive government agency that will levy and collect this new tax, gave Ontario families no warning about it beforehand. Worse, we’ve learned that Stewardship Ontario has instructed retailers to hide the tax in the product price so that “the consumer is none the wiser.” Sneaky new taxes. No accountability. All on the heels of the HST.

As permier, Tim Hudak, will repeal Dalton McGuinty's latest tax grab - the eco-tax - which has been slapped on over 10,000 household items.

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